Your networks, anywhere

Fingbox is a simple and secure way to monitor all your personal and professional networks.

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Find out who's connected to your network from a phone or tablet, using our free Fing app.

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Turn any PC into a professional scanner of devices and services that constantly updates your account.

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Organize your inventory and setup your alerts through our gorgeous Web app.

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Fing is the ultimate network toolkit. Free of charge, limitations and ads.

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To sum up the app features and its performance in one word, "Perfect".

Rick Knight on App Store

Great tool

Scanning networks is super easy and using the wake on lan is great.

Justin Ancheta on Play Store

Great Resource

An invaluable tool for users without network engineering skills. Saves loads of time.

Mike Sutherland on Play Store


A must have for everyone who lives surrounded by Internet connections.

Alex Sandoval on Play Store

Manage your networks like a Pro

Fingbox is our premium service. Sync & backup, service monitoring, notification of alerts in one easy-to-manage account.

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All your networks

Scan and analyze on your tablet, then monitor your networks on the go. Everything in Fingbox is synced automatically to all your devices.

Fingbox Sync and Backup

Never miss a bit

Fingbox informs you when a server goes down and when an unknown devices join your network. We can even restart a printer, automagically.

Fingbox Alert notification

At your service

Monitor your most critical services like e-mails, web, DNS, file transfer, and get immediate alerts when they stop responding.

Fingbox service monitoring

Security, all over the place

All data in transit and in our storage is protected by industry-strong 256-bit encryptions.

Fingbox Security

Chip & Chic!

Need a dedicated device?
Get your own monitoring instrument for just 25$.

Fingbox runs on Raspberry Pi!